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Market leadership, sharing & just do, but being unusual.

For us, market leadership does not mean being the biggest consulting firm. It is however our aim to be the very best. That is why we are constantly looking for new insights, improvements to our working method and how we can digitize the product range. So that after a project you can implement the work effortlessly.

We are happy to share our knowledge, approach and service with you. We provide guidance on how to assess employees based on their added value. How you can help them set realistic development goals that match their capabilities and monitor their progress. This prevents employees from being overstretched, resulting in a burnout or involuntary retreat.

Your organization benefits from our state-of-the-art assessment, development and reward systems. The result of this are satisfied employees who continue to develop and above all, a fair and transparent reward system for everyone!

Geke Schuiteman

Consultant Bureau Baarda

Lennart de Winter

Consultant Bureau Baarda

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Product Owner Baarda Software

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Success Manager Proodoss

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