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Providing employees with the right salary

Bureau Baarda has specialized in this for many years. Trust in us, use our refined experts.

A Modern Reward System

If the salary system is not flexible enough to give everyone the right reward, employees will feel unappreciated, resulting in under performance.

This can be annoying if you want to be a self-managing organization and you have to conclude that making job descriptions does not fit in with that.

If the salary differences between men and women cannot be explained, you should want a modern system.

But how much do you value your employees transparently, fair and in line with the market?

We can help you

Team Baarda helps you by having transparent rewards that are fair and in line with the market. We achieve this by using The Baarda Model.

Make yourself a good and reliable employer. Choose a thorough and tailor-made salary system, that solves concerns and makes everyone happy. Who wouldn’t want that?

Learn more about The Baarda Model

‘You don’t weigh functions, but people; a completely different principle. And it works much better!’

Anita Klaver, Leadlink Talentlab bij Voiceworks

Standard project approach

The duration of the projects is extremely short due to a particularly tight project organization and modern support from ICT. This makes a significant difference in costs. Bureau Baarda has helped hundreds of companies before you. Therefore, trust in our experience and you will succeed.

‘The most important thing I learned is to set limits. Being able to indicate exactly what it takes to take the next step. But also say where salary growth ends.’

Theo Willems, Commercial Director Saphin Group

Market Leadership, Knowledge Sharing & Just Do, and Strive for the Best

My name is Rolf Baarda and long ago I started my company out of dissatisfaction with the existing job evaluation systems. They contribute little or nothing to talent management.

Managing talent requires systems that chart growth upwards, say potential. And link that analysis to the remuneration policy.

These are questions that our customers have:

  • How do I measure everyone’s added value?
  • When can the person in question take the next step?
  • How do I make my promotion policy so transparent that people take control of their own career and associated salary prospects?
  • What does the market pay for our people?

How proud I am of the result and of our team! As well as the fact that our certified partners and our customer community for mastering these ideas with enthusiasm.